Ranger-Style Leather Hat Bands

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Madri Leatherworks Unique Designs

Our hand-made hatbands are modeled after the leather hatband used by the United States National Park Service (USNPS) since its formal adoption in 1930. Leather hatbands can be plain, hand stamped, hand tooled (carved) with an Oakleaf pattern, hand stamped lettering or a specialty stamp of design such as BSA (Boy Scouts of America). They are designed, hand cut, sized, fitted and hand stitched. The hatband size is infinitely adjustable using a strap and cinch knot to secure the hatband on the left side of the hat.

Includes: Leather band, two rings, two leather ring holders, a leather tie strap and a brass staple used to secure the tie strap to one ring.

Browse this gallery of ranger-style hat band designs, to identify the design(s) you like best, then place an inquiry on it’s design page, concerning your order. I can customize your hatband to desired specifications. 

Leather Hat Band - Waffle Stamped


Leather Hat Band - Basket Weave Stamped


Leather Hat Band - Oakleaf Tooling


Leather Hat Band - MSC Design



Leather Hatband Details

Materials: Made with ONLY Hermann Oak leather tanned in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. All leather is oiled with Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Oil and Conditioner.

Coloring: The leather can be left natural in color with an oil finish, or colored with a flat dye color or antique color, a clear protective moisture-resistant finish is applied on both front and back sides. Color Choices: 1) Flat Dyes – Natural, Light Tan, Tan, Saddle Tan (slightly darker than Tan), British Tan (darker than Saddle Tan w/reddish tint), Walnut, Mahogany, Cordovan, Oxblood; 2) Antiques that show off stamping and tooling – Antique Tan, Antique Saddle Tan, Antique Light Brown, Antique Medium Brown, Antique Dark Brown, Antique Mahogany.

Widths: Typically 1 ¼” and 1 ½” wide, depending on the design, but can be varied and adjusted depending on the leather ring holder shape and size, ring size, stamping and tooling patterns and edge creasing.  I have made 1 ½” wide hatbands in order to fit stamping and edge creasing.

Edges: Finished with an edging tool, sanded and burnished smooth. Edges can be left plain, or made with a single or double crease. Single or double creased edges are contingent on the stamping pattern or tooling design used and the hatband width.

Rings:  The hatband requires the use of two (2), ½” rings used to tie the cinch knot which secures the hatband. Ring Choices: Solid Brass, Chrome/Brass, Antique Brass, Black Matte/Brass, Nickel/Brass. Dee Rings are also available Nickel Plated, ½” and 3/8″ size.

Leather Ring Holders: Two (2) leather ring holders are each hand cut, skived to shape, folded over, cemented together, stitching groove cut and beveled and tooled if required. The edges are edged with an edging tool, sanded and burnished smooth. The ring holder size and shape may be adjusted. The ring holders are cemented and hand stitched to the hatband at pre-measured and fitted positions. The rings are cinched to each other using a ¼” wide leather tie strap.