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These custom made leather cowboy cuffs are worn to protect the wrist, forearm, and shirtsleeve from injury or damage caused by ropes, branding irons, brush, wire fencing, and other hazards. Cowboy cuffs are also worn by re-enactors and cowboy shooters. Prices vary depending on materials and options.

NOTE: Accurate wrist, forearm and height measurements are required to make a pair of comfortable fitting cuffs. You will provide these measurements when you contact us with the cuff design you like the best. See instructions below.

Browse this gallery of cowboy cuff designs, to identify the design(s) you like best, then place an inquiry on it’s design page, concerning your order. I can customize your Old West cuffs to desired specifications. 

Cowboy Cuffs with Motif Designs


These cowboy cuff designs sport various design motifs, such as: floral, horse, rattlesnake, stars & more.

Cowboy Cuffs - Studded


These cowboy cuff designs include metal and colored studs, tacks and rivets. This is our largest category.

Cowboy Cuffs - Stamped


These leather wrist cuffs are based on classic Old West stamped patterns and designs.

Leather Cowboy Cuffs


If you are looking for a simple or completely plain wrist cuff, these are the ones to look at.


To obtain measurements do the following:

  1. You will need: a soft tape measure, a ruler, and a long sleeved shirt to wear.
  2. Wrist Measurement: Wrap a soft tape measure around your wrist and gently pull the tape snug to where it is comfortable and as snug as you would want the cuff to fit. Note this wrist measurement.
  3. Height Measurement: Using a ruler, measure up your forearm from your wrist measurement, to determine how tall or high up your forearm you want the cuffs to be. Note this height measurement.
  4. Forearm Measurement: At the point of the height measurement, wrap the tape measure around your forearm, gently pull the tape snug to where it is comfortable and snug as you would want the cuff to fit. Note this forearm measurement.